Here are some of the screens you'll encounter in Beyond Dark Castle, I'm not going to show you the boss screens, you can get to those yourself. Use the arrows to browse through and click on a thumbnail for a better view


Beyond Dark Castle is the continuation of Dark Castle. The objective of this follow up is to find the five magic spheres of Merlin and place them on the plinths in the first room. That should enable you to open the portcullis and face the Black Knight. You will traverse the various rooms of this labyrinthian castle and will have a whole heap of nasty encounters…

The play is controlled with the mouse and the keyboard in exactly the same way as the previous game. It should be mentioned that gameplay can be particularly difficult at three in the morning with substantial amounts of alcohol in your bloodstream as the game can be very frustrating at times. It is nevertheless a brilliant game that has a addictive quality about it, regardless of its age, the sounds and the music are not bad, animations are good and can be amusing as is the game design of each level.

Quite a bit of new stuff to contend with, but once you've got the hang of Dark Castle, it's like chasing chickens - most often ending in frustration, embarrassment and sometimes broken bones. 

There's no point in waiting is there? Now that you've read about these brilliant games, download them! (Only if you owned the original games of course and an Mac Plus ROM, although the games and the ROM are included in case you've misplaced them)